Logical Soul Talk: Turn Failure Decisions into Success Decisions


Is Failure Cure-able?

The idea of turning failure into success has become our national past-time; equal to football, hot dogs, and political bickering.  How?  Tune in tonight at 6 pm (ET) to Logical Soul Talk to hear what has been working and, more importantly, what has NOT.

I will reveal my Second Lesson (in a series of 5) onBranding from the Soul: Turning Passion into Profit.” Listen to live online streaming, or call my hotline at (347) 843-4544.

A little background: The modern Success-motivation movement is not only well-established in the United States, it has exported its brand of optimism throughout the world.  This would be good except for one thing:  success for most people still remains a mirage, an elusive goal.

But why would this be so?  In this age of Tony Robbins, T. Harv Eker, The Secret, the Law of Attraction, and the myriads of “success universities” sprouting up daily . . . how can anyone slip through the cracks?

The answer until now is that most of us are not yet vigilant enough to conquer negativity.  Or we don’t take the time to study the material.  Or we lack the inner tools to succeed (that we, incidentally, can get from the motivational teacher).  Or whatever . . . the list goes on.  There is lots of speculation, but little  to actually explain the failure.

Tonight on Logical Soul Talk, I will take the veil off the Motivation Movement and reveal WHY positive thinking CANNOT work in certain situations.  I will then share with you what I discovered (accidentally) 18 years ago . . . a 4-step process that can take you from failure to success in minutes!

Join me!

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