Twelve Miles on a Unicycle


UniGrampsI broke my personal record today, pedaling my unicycle 0ver 12 miles (12.1 to be exact)!  I’d say that’s not bad for a 57-year old guy who just started back riding about a year ago.  My goal, however, is to be able to go at least 50 miles a day without my body falling apart. 

The reason I’m doing this slightly-offbeat thing is two-fold:

  1. 1. I love and need the exercise and hate going to the gym, and
  2. 2. I’m training to ride this summer for Bruce & Susan Keenan’s charity – sending orphan Nepalese kids to school. 

If anyone wants to sponsor my ride, please contact Bruce Keenan and say you’d like to be a sponsor of the Unicycle Ride for the Keenan’s Kids. Or you can make a donation at

Meanwhile I’m still looking for the right venue for my ride.  Suggestions?

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