Update: Barbara Weatherly Passes Away


Momma Weatherly

Momma Weatherly

“Baboo” died early this morning at the Pigeon Forge Care and Rehabilitation Center. She was 82.

I was with her at 5:23 AM  when she drew her last labored breath and moved on.  Just before the exit, she squeezed my hand and tried to say something.  But her tongue was so swollen from dehydration and weakness, the words did not form.  I  just held her hand, told her a story, and sang “Just As I Am,” an old Billy Graham revival hymn.  It was hard;  I had to constantly push my voice through tears of both grief and gratitude.

She passed quietly.  I felt such Grace come over me that I meditated for 30 minutes before informing the floor nurse.

Her final gift to me was also a blessing for all who knew and loved her.


  1. Thanks Nancy and John. I still hope to see you and others at the Wood family reunion in February.

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