Will the REAL Doc Hollywood Please Stand Up…!


neil shulman and michael craig

Neil Shulman is known as “The Real Doc Hollywood.   This is actually the role he wrote into a screenplay that became a movie starring Michael J. Fox. Doc Shulman is at it again these days . . . about to produce a musical he hopes to take Broadway by storm!

Tune in Tuesday, May 28, 2013 at 6 pm on Logical Soul Talk to hear why “Doc Hollywood – The Musical” is the key to world peace and the end all human suffering . . . or at least some of it, according to Shulman. Doc Shulman should know.  Besides his day job as an Associate Professor at Emory University School of Medicine, he moonlights as a research grant investigator, Director of Pine Knoll Nursing Home in Carrollton, Georgia, and – incidentally – as a 21st Century Renaissance Man!

Dr. Shulman is also the author of over 50 scientific papers, 30 books (both fiction and non-fiction), a host of articles, videos and plays, and contributed to over  half a dozen movies, including the Michael J. Fox hit, and several TV shows.  He’s even an inventor . . . something we’ll surely ask him about on the show.

Some of Shulman’s book titles express the fun that follows him wherever he goes: The Germ Patrol: All About Shots for Tots and Big Kids, Too!, The Puberty Prevention ClubHow to Have a Habit, 101 Ways to Know if You’re a Medical Records SpecialistandYour Body Doesnt Have Spare Parts.  He even has written many non-fiction” books, mostly pertaining to health and wellness.

Come hear how the good Doc Shulman shattered both the worlds of conventional medicine and show business, and how you can get the real scoop on health in America . . . and still come away with a smile on your face!

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